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Dental Assisting Course Outline

Course Title:
Dental Assisting

Total Hours:
800 Clock Hours

Total Weeks:
Day Program 32 Weeks
Evening Program 57 Weeks

To provide students with the necessary knowledge and specialized skills needed to assist a dentist in all phases of modern dental office operations. Graduates will be prepared for entry-level positions that require the chairside skills and administrative knowledge needed to work in either a small or large dental office. Furthermore, upon completion of the program, graduates will be eligible to sit for the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection’s dental radiography examination.

Course Schedule:

  •    Dental Assisting   170 Hours
  •   Chairside Assisting   175 Hours
  •    Laboratory Procedures   75 Hours
  •   Radiology   125 Hours
  •   Keyboarding   30 Hours
  •   First Aid and CPR   25 Hours
  •   Dental Office Management   50 Hours
  •   Dental Practice Management   25 Hours
  •   Job Skills   25 Hours
  •   Externship   100 Hours

Curriculum Schedule


Students are taught the parts and functions of the skull, face, and oral cavity, with emphasis on the musculature and circulation involving the teeth and surrounding structures. Dental specialties, dental terminology, and charting are also studied.


Students learn the requirements, procedures, and techniques involved in chairside assisting and four-handed dentistry. Students are taught the proper use and care of the dental chair, and seating/dismissing patients. Dental instruments identification, manipulation, and sterilization will also be studied. Students will learn the care, mixing, and placement of restorative and impression materials. Behavioral psychology of the patient is also studied.


Students will learn how to pour and trim models, and prepare impression materials. Proper mixing techniques, the use and care of the model trimmer, and the proper placement of materials are studied.

RADIOLOGY (125 hours)

Students will be presented with the fundamentals of dental radiography, including the use, hazards and maintenance of x-ray equipment. Film mounting placement, and processing will be practiced. Students will also practice x-ray technique on the school’s manikin. Radiation precautions and protection will be emphasized. Successful completion of this segment will qualify students to sit for the dental x-ray examination administered by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

KEYBOARDING (30 hours)

Students will learn proper typing techniques and principles to increase speed and accuracy. Exercises will include centering and tabulation, with specific, emphasis on the types of documents completed in the dental office.

FIRST AID AND CPR (25 hours)

Student will learn reasons for emergency care – signs, symptoms and treatment (including convulsions, epilepsy, hemorrhaging, death, shock, and fainting). Students are taught rescue breathing, choking, obstructed airway unconscious, and CPR for adults, children, and infants. At the conclusion of this subject, students will be able to test for their CPR license.


Students are familiarized with dental office administrative procedures, and the professional atmosphere required in a dental office. Greeting patients, telephone techniques and appointment scheduling procedures are taught. Billing and collection procedures, bookkeeping, filing systems and dental records management will be studied through utilization of a dental office simulation package. Insurance practices, including forms completion are included.


Students are familiarized with standard software used in the dental office. Students will learn to use the software to enter patient demographics, appointments, billing information and other reports.

JOB SKILLS (25 hours)

Students are taught the necessary job-hunting skills and strategies needed to successfully compete in the job market. Resume preparation, cover letter writing, interviewing techniques, etc. are also covered.

EXTERNSHIP (100 hours)

The Externship Program is intended to provide students with real-world exposure to the dental field. The School will assist students with placement in a dental facility where they will perform the duties and responsibilities required of a dental assistant, under the supervision of the dental practitioner. Students will be permitted to take x-rays, thereby helping to fulfill the clinical component of the radiology program.